Design Process : HP IPG Global Design Studio Opening

HP IWS Global Design Studio opened in Nov 2011 and I was involved in the studio tour given to the media (including then Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts : Mr Lui Tuck Yew). In coming up with the concept behind the tour, I wanted to give the media a glimpse of how the designers did their work and in doing so to convey the high energy permeating the atmosphere when we’re working and the immense knowledge involved in the work that we do. The media will also get a taste of ┬ásuspense as it would have seemed as if they had interrupted the designers amiss their work.

The studio tour guides the audience through the design process in HP.

At the start of a project, we would first discover what we can about our customers. This is the time when we would research about our customers and their context. We would conduct ethnography to see the customer and to listen to them. To more comprehensively understand the customer, we also conduct competitive analysis, market trend analysis, collect data from customer call centers and marketing surveys and others. The methodology for research is always customized to the needs of the project.

There is typically massive amount of information to be collected about our customers and to be able to make use of the information, we find patterns within the data and synthesize into insights about our customers. And with the insights, we brainstorm ideas in cross-functional workshop, utilizing the insights and the strengths of the varied disciplines to create the best ideas most suited to the customers. Tools we may use at this stage include personas, scenarios, customer journey map, experience attributes, design principles, and others.

Once the product has been defined, the designers start creating the product in more depth, looking at every detail of the design.

And the design will be further refined through the development cycle.

As a end to the tour, there would also be a showcase of the newest products as well as work from our collaboration with design schools in Singapore. HP designers have always been very pro-actively grooming the next generation of students and we have been working with various education institutions through collaboration projects and internship.

The studio opening was very successful and generated much press for the studio. It was gratifying to be able to showcase the studio and the good work of the designers as well.

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