Design Research : Evaluation of Cinema Website

I conducted an evaluation of cinema websites(with Rosemary Seva and Yi Xiao Li) in 2006 and published the findings in IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, & Cybernetics 2006.

The study investigated the usability of the websites from the four major cinema operators in Singapore. These four major cinema operatos are Cathay(CC), Eng Wah(EW), Golden Village (GV) and Shaw Brothers. The websites were widely used by the movie-goers in Singapore to check movie schedules, seat availability, view movie trailers and book tickets online.

The metholodgy used in this evaluation are as follows :

1. Survey conducted on 50 participants to first identify key user tasks.

2. User Test with all 4 websites on the key user tasks. Users are given the task to performed on their own and recording of the test session with Morae allowed us to evaluate the results. Results collected include navigation time, key strokes and mouse clicks required to complete tasks and Web Analysis and Measurement Inventory measuring five dimensions of customer experience : Attractiveness, control, efficiency, helpfulness and learnability,

3. Heuristic Evaluation conducted by the authors using a 5 point scale and a combined Shneriderman and Neilson Heuristics.

Based on the results, I made recommendations for design improvements.

Snapshots of the results from the study :

Comparison of Navigation Time

Comparison of Keyboard Strokes and Mouse Clicks

WAMMI Comparison of Cinema Websites

Top Usability Problems Encountered

Frequencies of Heuristic Violations Per Category

You can find the full paper here : Evaluation of Cinema Website

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